Sell your car

Generally selling to a dealer can be quick and painless with minimum hassle, and furthermore no ongoing legal responsibility for the condition of the car.

However, some sellers may feel that their vehicle has been undervalued and the process of the dealer picking fault with their vehicle insulting. Additionally you may be in a situation where you owe more on finance for the vehicle than the dealer is offering you as a trade price.

At Cars of Somerset, we will buy your car outright, so if this is an option enter your details below :



Additionally to this we can offer a Sale or Return (SOR) Basis

Benefits to you the customer

  • No advertising costs
  • No time wasters or test pilots
  • No strangers visiting your home

Benefits of choosing Cars Of Somerset:

  • Professionally advertised in top websites
  • Gallery of up to 20 professional photos per car
  • Marketed 7 days a week, 24 hours a day